Kanjhawala Hit-And-Drag: All four individuals in the automobile that hit a 20-year-old Delhi lady and dragged her for 13 kilometres on New Year’s Day, murdering her in the most terrible way, were intoxicated, according to their blood report, news agency ANI reported.

Anjali Singh was riding her scooter home with her friend Nidhi after a New Year’s Eve party when she was hit by a vehicle shortly after 2 a.m. Anjali’s leg became entangled in one of the car’s wheels, and she was carried away by the vehicle. Even when the passengers noticed her arm under the wheels, they did not come to a halt. The men drove for over an hour until the body slid off.

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Because the windows were down and loud music was playing inside, the accused initially claimed that he didn’t notice the woman was stuck beneath their car. According to police sources, they realised the woman was trapped under the car but did not stop out of fear.

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Security footage shows the guys returning the car to its owner and fleeing in an autorickshaw around two hours after the incident.

Nidhi, Anjali’s companion, stated that she did not alert anybody about the accident because she was afraid of being blamed for it.

Anjali died as a result of at least 40 external injuries. Her skin was torn off, her ribs were exposed from her back, the base of her skull was shattered, and some “brain tissue was missing,” according to the autopsy report.

Officials claimed earlier today that Delhi Police has suspended 11 of its staff who were on PCR and picket duty on the route where the woman was slain.

(With Inputs From ANI)

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