New Delhi: Stones were pelted at the convoy of Union Minister Ashwini Choubey in Bihar’s Buxar on Thursday.

Hours before the stone pelting incident on Thursday, the Union Minister slammed the Nitish Kumar-led Bihar government over police lathi-charge on farmers. 

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“The chief minister and his deputy are stating that they don’t know about lathi-charge incident on farmers in Buxar. Then who’s running the government? A ghost or press? We’ll not keep quiet until farmers get justice. Police personnel involved in it should be sacked,” news agency ANI quoted MoS Ashwini Choubey as saying.

“It has been over 24 hours, videos of Buxar lathi-charge incident went viral yet uncle Dhritarashtra Kumar and nephew say they don’t know about the incident. They’re liars. Why were false cases slapped on farmers? If lathis are showered on farmers, we’ll not keep quiet,” Choubey further added.

The farmers in the state have been staging protests, demanding proper compensation for the acquisition of their land for a power plant by the SJVN in the area that happened before 2010-11.

Notably, the farmers were compensated with the prevailing amount at the time. However, when the company began acquiring more land last year, the farmers demanded to be compensated as per the current rate.

Earlier, on Wednesday, farmers’ protest in Buxar turned violent following which police had to resort to lathi-charge. The protesting villagers attacked a police party and set a vehicle on fire. Four police personnel sustained injuries in the clashes.

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