Legendary Australian spinner Shane Warne’s daughter Brooke Warne took to her official Tik Tok handle on Monday to share an emotional video where she talks about spending Christmas without her father. Notably, Warne passed away in March last year due to a heart attack while he was vacationing in Thailand. It was an absolute shocking news for one of the legends of the game who was on a strict diet to work on his fitness.

Even after retiring from sport, he was a regular part of commentary panels and also expressed his views on the sport on social media. He even featured in matches and leagues meant for retired cricketers.

“Christmas Eve wasn’t the same, we usually be spending Christmas Eve with Dad this year. It’s been really weird without him by our side, because this is when he’d be getting back from working, doing the Dunhill [golf tournament], being in the UK, he’s always here over summertime,” Brooke reportedly said in the video as quoted by Daily Mail.

“He’s always here to be commentating on the cricket, he’s always here to bring us around an icy pole, you know, do doing little dad things in summertime coming to the beach with us…all those things he loved to do,” she added. 

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Brooke then thanked all the fans and supporters who continued to pay tribute to the second-highest wicket-taker ever in Test match cricket by wearing Warne’s floppy hat when Australia were taking on South Africa in the Boxing Day Test match at the Melbourne Cricket Council (MCG).

“The tributes that everyone did on Boxing Day being the Shane Warne Test, and everyone wearing their floppy hats and I think he would be so incredibly touched as are we. But it was also really hard, as you know, it was a constant reminder that he wasn’t here. Because now things are starting to become real that he’s not here, and he’s not coming back from holiday. And I think the last couple of weeks, it’s really sort of started to sink in, and the emotions have been very real,” Brooke said.

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