The aviation regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) today issued a show cause notice to Go First airline after one of its flights took off from Bengaluru airport on Monday leaving behind more than 50 passengers in a coach on the tarmac.

DGCA in its statement said that “multiple mistakes” led to the incident. “… in the instant case, multiple mistakes such as lack of proper communication, co-ordination, reconciliation and confirmation have resulted in a highly avoidable situation.” 

Apologising for the incident, the airline in its statement said, “We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused to the passengers due to an inadvertent oversight in the reconciliation of flight G8 116, from Bengaluru to Delhi.” 

“The airline has decided to offer all affected passengers one free ticket for travel on any domestic sector in the next 12 months,” Go First said, adding it has also initiated an inquiry into the incident.

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In the notice, the regulator has sought a response from the airline as to why enforcement action should not be taken against them for the dereliction of their regulatory obligations.

On Monday, Go First operated flight G8-116 from Bangalore to Delhi but left behind 55 passengers in a coach at Bangalore airport.

The airline has been given two weeks to send the DGCA their response.

“However, to follow the principles of natural justice, they have been given two weeks time to submit their reply to DGCA and based on that further action will be taken,” the statement said.

Passengers on social media claimed that a bus full of passengers was not allowed to board the Go First flight from Bengaluru to Delhi. The flight, numbered G8 116, departed at 6:40 am on Monday, leaving the passengers behind, according to their allegations.

Go First declined to comment on the incident. However, in response to one of the tweets, the airline asked users to share their details and said they regretted the inconvenience caused.

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