Lok Janshakti Party chief Chirag Paswan has exclusively shared his views on various issues including Bihar Politics, liquor deaths, and his father’s demise in an exclusive chat with ABP Live.

Bihar Politics

Talking about any chance to lead a coalition in the state, he said, “At present, my priority is to strengthen my base and party.” He said that events transpired in such a way two years back that people announced an end to my political career.

“If you look at what happened two years back, several political pundits predicted that Chirag Paswan is finished…however, they were not completely wrong as my family and party broke from within, my party’s symbol was frozen and I was completely left alone.”

Paswan said that it was decided to support the BJP candidates in the recently held bypolls to understand the equation in a better way. He said, “It is not possible for me to form reach any understanding with a coalition in which CM Nitish Kumar is a partner.”

Chirag Paswan held Bihar CM Nitish Kumar and his policies responsible for all sorts of trouble that the state is facing today. He said that Nitish Kumar has no vision for a ‘Developed Bihar’.   

He also took a jibe at Nitish Kumar saying that it cannot be ascertained how soon CM Nitish will leave a coalition and jump to another one.

Chirag Paswan On PM Modi

When asked if he still has belief in PM Modi, Chirag said that Prime Minister stood by him when he was going through the most difficult time of his life. 

“When I most needed him (PM Modi), he was with me and I believe that if I ever need him at a personal level, he will support me,” he said.

Chirag admitted that he was influenced by Prime Minister Modi’s vision when he talked about the entire India and not of one caste or class. The LJP MP said that PM Modi’s policies also influenced him and he told this to his father, Ram Vilas Paswan.

Bihar Liquor Deaths

Talking about the recent deaths due to illicit liquor in the state, Paswan said that it is very sad that the CM has made a policy that is being flouted under his nose and he is silent.

“In assembly, he (CM Nitish) says that whoever will drink, will die..but what about those who are making people drink this spurious alcohol? They will enjoy? ( Peene wala margea, pilane wala?…Maje karega?)”, the LJP chief questioned. He said, “Who doesn’t know that spurious liquor is being made in Bihar?”

He added that the numbers that the state government show about the deaths are manipulated figures. Paswan claimed that at least 200 people died in the recent Chhapra liquor tragedy. 

Questioning CM Nitish’s remark that no compensation will be paid to the kin of the dead, he said, “What is the fault of family members of those who died?….what is the fault of small children..old mothers who lost their bread earner? How can a CM be so cruel.”

Chirag Paswan On Father Ram Vilas Paswan

During the interview, Chirag opened up about his father and veteran politician Ram Vilas Paswan. He said that he respected his father and was very controlled. However, Chirag said that it was his father who later tried to be his friend.

He said, “When I entered politics, Papa used to make this effort. He would call me, ask me to sit, and give me comfort so that I can talk to him about anything and everything.”

When asked when his parents were proud of him excluding his political career, he said that when his movie was released, it made his parents really proud. On the question if he still takes permission from his mother, Chirag said, “It really feels good to take permission (Permission lena accha lagta hai).”

Responding to a question of nepotism making entry into politics easier, he said that while having a political lineage does help in entry, it also makes things difficult.

He said, “For example, my fight with outsiders came later, first I had to fight with the image of my father. Just think how difficult it gets for a son or a daughter.”

The LJP national president said that today, he is compared to his father. “People compare and demean me in front of my father. They say he was very simple but Chirag is arrogant. He (Ram Vila Paswan) had a mass appeal but Chirag has no appeal among people, he was a soft-spoken person while Chirag is rude and harsh.”

He said that people downgrade you in front of your father’s image which is a very difficult situation. 

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