New Delhi: As the rift between the BJP and AAP led to the postponement of the elections and the swearing-in of elected councillors, BJP’s Mayor candidate Rekha Gupta accused some of AAP councillors had come to the MCD house after consuming liquor, reported news agency ANI. “AAP fears losing. Climbing on the table of the presiding officer, breaking mics & throwing chairs-the culture they’re developing is condemnable. Some of them (AAP councillors) had come to the MCD house after consuming liquor,” said Rekha Gupta.

After clashes broke out between AAP and BJP council members at the first House meeting of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), the Mayor elections have been postponed. Delhi mayor elections will not take place today, according to official sources, and a new date has not yet been chosen.

“2 of our councillors – Anita & Inder Kaur were surrounded by AAP’s male councillors. 5 of them jostled around Inder Kaur. With a sharp object, they struck her & she suffered a cut. When Anita came to her rescue, she also suffered a cut,” said BJP MP Parvesh Verma.

Meanwhile, AAP national convenor and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal said, “Article 243R of the Constitution clearly debars nominated members from voting in the House. Attempt to get them to vote in the House is unconstitutional.”

Due to the ongoing conflict between AAP and BJP council members, which caused a significant uproar in the MCD house, the swearing-in of newly elected council members has also been delayed. The MCD elections that took place on December 4 were won by the AAP with 134 seats.

The MCD House meeting has been postponed until tomorrow. The next date will be announced later, according to the presiding officer, BJP councillor Satya Sharma.

The protest at the MCD Civic Centre began when BJP councillor Satya Sharma began administering oaths to the aldermen, all of whom were BJP members, in front of AAP councillors. When Sharma began the process of administering oaths to the ten aldermen, the Well was engulfed in chaos as AAP councillors and MLAs yelled slogans and entered.

Prior to the election for Delhi’s mayor and deputy mayor, the primary cause of the uproar was the slate of candidates for council seats.

According to the news agency PTI, the AAP councillors and MLAs protested that the alderman rather than the elected representatives were given an oath first.

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