New Delhi: Deceased Anjali’s friend, Nidhi, who was alongside her at the hour of the incident, revealed uncovered that she was in a drunken state, yet demanded to drive the bike, reported news agency ANI. While speaking to ANI, the eyewitness, said, “She was in a drunken state but insisted on driving the two-wheeler. After being hit by the car, she came under the car, and got dragged with it. I was scared and went away and returned home, didn’t tell anything to anyone.”

“It is the fault of the girl who was driving in an inebriated state. I insisted to her so much that don’t drive, I am conscious, let me drive. She didn’t believe me and believed herself,” Nidhi added.

The Delhi Police have found CCTV footage that shows the deceased woman Anjali and her friend, Nidhi, exiting a hotel around 1.30 a.m. on January 1.

The hotel manager has revealed that Anjali, the deceased woman, and her friend, Nidhi, whom the police have identified as her, got into a fight in the hotel and then took a scooter to leave.

“Both of them were arguing. When I told them not to fight, they went downstairs and started fighting, after which both of them went on a scooty,” said Hotel Manager (the hotel from where the deceased and her friend left).

The Delhi Police said that some boys who were seen with the girls at the hotel have been taken into custody to be questioned. The hotel staff saw the boys talking to the girl, and the police were also informed that the boys had booked a separate room.

During a press conference regarding the Kanjhawala accident case, Delhi Police Special Commissioner (Law and order) Sagar Preet Hooda stated that the 20-year-old woman who was killed in the incident was not alone at the time. 

While speaking to the media, the Special Commissioner stated that another girl was with the victim at the time of the accident. However, following the incident, she left. He further said that the police presently have an eyewitness to the incident and her statement will be recorded.

“She is cooperating with the police. Her statement is being recorded under section 164. The investigation is still on. It is still at a primary stage,” said the Special CP.

The victim’s body was found naked on a roadside in outer Delhi’s Kanjhawala area.

The post-mortem of the woman revealed that she died due to shock and haemorrhage due to injury to the head, spine and lower limbs. The autopsy report also said there were no injury marks on her private parts.

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