Guinness World Records regularly shares updates on people creating world records in various categories. From the tallest person to someone having the longest moustache, there were several such records created in 2022. Let’s take a look at the top five records that stunned people.

Monday Declared The ‘Worst Day Of The Week’

The transition from a relaxing, fun-filled Sunday to an unpleasant Monday morning can be quite stressful for office goers. Monday blues can make one feel sluggish and give jitters. Taking note of it, the Guinness World Records declared Monday the ‘worst day of the week’.

“We’re officially giving monday the record of the worst day of the week,” declared Guinness World Records in a tweet.

Woman With Nonuplets Enters Guinness World Records

A Malian mother who gave birth to nine babies, five girls and four boys in single delivery in Morocco in 2021 entered Guinness World Records in December 2022 after all her babies survived and were healthy.

“Most children delivered at a single birth to survive: 9 – Adama, Oumou, Hawa, Kadidia, Fatouma, Oumar, Elhadji, Bah and Mohammed VI Cissé, With thanks to @groupe_akdital (Groupe AKDITAL), Ain Borja Clinic in Casablanca, Morocco,” the organisation wrote on their website.

This record was earlier held by eight babies born to Nadya Suleman of USA nicknamed “Octomom” in 2009.

World Record For Most Body Modifications

An Argentine couple fond of tattoos and body modifications, brok the world record for the most body alterations. Gabriela Peralta and Victor Hugo Peralta have got 98 modifications done on their body, according to the Guinness World Records. The couple has even got their sclera, or white part of their eyes, tattooed, making their eyeballs inky black. 

They first set the record in 2014 with 84 modifications and have continued to tattoo and modify their bodies since then.

World’s Shortest Man

Afshin Esmaeil Ghaderzadeh of Iran was named the world’s shortest man by the Guinness World Records. Twenty-year-old Afshin measured 65.24 centimetres (2 feet, 1.6 inches), 7 centimetre shorter than the previous record holder, 36-year-old Edward “Niño” Hernandez of Colombia. This makes Afshin the fourth-shortest man ever verified by Guinness World Records.

5-Year-Old Girl Publishes Book

Bella-Jay Dark of the United Kingdom became the world’s youngest female author to enter the Guinness World Records after getting her first book published.

The book, ‘The Lost Cat’ revolves around the life of a kitten that gets lost after moving away from its mother. Her book, sold more than the required minimum of 1,000 copies to qualify as a record in this category.

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