India’s wicketkeeper batter Rishabh Pant was seriously injured after meeting with a car accident on December 30. The incident happened while he was driving from Delhi to Roorkee. He is currently undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Dehradun. Former India captain Kapil Dev also shared his views on the entire turn of events. 

The 1983 World Cup-winning captain shared a similar story from his playing days before saying that Pant can easily afford a driver and should not give into the temptation of driving himself. 

Pant can afford a driver: Kapil Dev

Sharing an anecdote from his life, Dev revealed that he once met an accident while driving a motorcycle. In an interaction with ABP News, Dev said that there is a lesson to be learnt from this incident and thanked God that Pant survived the near-fatal car crash and is on his way to recovery.

“We can avoid things that can lead to mishaps like this,” he said on ABP News.

“Especially for these special players. I remember during my early playing days I was riding a motorbike and met with an accident following which my brother never let me ride a motorbike,” he added.

Adding further, Dev said that players can be passionate about driving but should realise the bigger responsibilities that is on their shoulders.

“The players should be careful. They don’t need to drive themselves. They can afford drivers. I know a lot of people are passionate about driving but when one has so many responsibilities, one must take care of oneself,” the 63-year-old stated.

Potholes caused Pant’s accident?

Meanwhile, there have been several theories which have emerged as the cause of Pant’s accident. While initially, it was claimed that the cricketer dozed off, recent claims hint that he was trying to avoid a pothole when he lost control. The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has reportedly even filled up the holes near the accident site.

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