Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar hit out at the Centre saying that the BJP government is only interested in “advertising one-sided meaningless things”. Speaking at a function in Patna on Saturday, the Janata Dal United, JD(U) chief said “These days the govt at the Centre is only doing advertising. Only one-sided meaningless things from Delhi get published. Nothing has happened other than advertising,” reported news agency ANI.

Taking a further dig at the Centre, the Chief Minister said he will be visiting various parts of the state from January 5 next year and will listen to the grievances of people  “unlike merely delivering speeches” about one’s accomplishments.

“I will be visiting various places from January 5 onwards and will see how much work was done and how much is yet to be done. We’ll listen to and understand people’s grievances unlike visiting places and merely delivering speeches that ‘we’ve done this and that’,” Nitish Kumar was quoted by ANI as saying.

The Chief Minister also spoke about the declining fertility rate in Bihar and said, “Girls are being educated and fertility rate is decreasing to 2.9 from 4.3. We’ve to bring it to 2.0. Many say that restrictions must be put on having more than two children in the family. Why do they speak such nonsensical things, does it have any meaning?” 

“If girls are educated then there will be such a situation (of families having two children) and we are educating girls in the state,” he added.

(With inputs from ANI)

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