Bus conductor Paramjeet, who with driver Sushil Kumar saved Rishabh Pant, said that the cricketer’s car caught fire within 5-7 seconds after they pulled him out. He added that Pant had major injuries on his back. 

Paramjeet said when they enquired about Pant’s health, he said that he plays for the Indian cricket team, reported ANI. 

“As we dragged him (Rishabh Pant) out, the car caught fire & burned down within 5-7 secs. He had major injuries on his back. We enquired about his personal information & that is when he said he is an Indian team cricketer,” Paramjeet told ANI. 

Panipat Bus Depot General Manager KM Jangra said that Sushil and Paramjeet spotted an uncontrolled car ramming over the divider near Gurukul Narsan and then they ran towards the car to help the passenger. 

 Jangra said that the department has honored both, driver Sushil and conductor Paramjeet for saving Rishabh Pant’s life. He added that the state government will honor them too. 

“Bus driver Sushil Kumar & conductor Paramjeet spotted an uncontrolled car ram over the divider near Gurukul Narsan. They ran towards the car to help the passenger. We have honoured them, state govt will too honour them for the work of humanity,” Jangra said, quoted ANI. 

Earlier on Friday, cricket player, Rishabh Pant’s car met with an accident on the Narsan border of Roorkee near Hammadpur Jhal. He was referred to Delhi. The accident took place as Pant fell asleep while driving. 

The car caught fire after the accident. He was given treatment at Roorkee Civil Hospital and then referred to Delhi. Pant’s condition is normal at the moment. The state government will bear the expenses of his treatment. 

The results of Rishabh Pant’s MRI of the brain and spinal cord have returned as normal. As per ESPNcricinfo, Pant has also undergone plastic surgery intervention for facial injuries, lacerated wounds, and abrasions. Owing to pain and swelling, MRI scans of his ankle and knees will be performed on Saturday. 

Uttarakhand DGP on Friday announced that people who helped star Indian cricketer Rishabh Pant after he survived a life-threatening road accident will be honored. 

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