In a horrifying incident reported in Pakistan’s Sinjhoro town, a 40-year-old woman Hindu woman has allegedly been brutally murdered on Wednesday. Krishna Kumari, Pakistan’s first female senator from the Hindu community, said in a tweet that the woman, identified as Daya Bhel, was beheaded and her breast was chopped off.

The Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader said that skin was peeled off from the victim’s body and face.

In a tweet, Krishna Kumari said, “Daya Bhel 40 years widow brutally murdered and body was found in very bad condition. Her head was separated from the body and the savages had removed flesh of the whole head. Visited her village. Police teams from Sinjhoro and Shahpurchakar also reached.”

The woman is survived by four children.

Commenting on the incident, Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said, “We don’t have any specific details on this report. Pakistan is responsible for the safety & security of minorities in their country.”

PPP’s Jiyala Amar Lal Bheel said that the mutilated body was found in an agriculture field on Wednesday and police have gathered details from the woman’s family, a report by India Today claimed.

According to the PPP leader, a post-mortem has been done and further investigation is underway.

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