A sub-inspector (SI) at Uttar Pradesh’s Kotwali Khalilabad police station in Sant Kabir Nagar district failed to load and fire a rifle during a surprise inspection. This came to light when DIG RK Bhardwaj was inspecting several police stations in the district.

On being asked by the DIG to show how to load the rifle, the SI tried to insert a bullet through the rifle’s hose. 

The SI also explained and said “This is the process to fire in such a way that no one gets injured.” And when asked how to unload he simply tilted the gun forward, and the bullet slid out.  

A few other cops present at the police station were also not able to open fire. While the outpost in charge was unable to operate the tear gun, even after repeated attempts during the inspection.

The incident has attracted criticism from opposition parties. 

“Yogi ji’s police don’t even know how to shoot a gun! UP police firing from the barrel of the gun, ignorance at its peak.The SI of the undisciplined police who harass the poor and innocent in the BJP government does not even know how to use a gun, shameful. Will the police force be better than such policemen?” wrote the Samajwadi party on its official Twitter handle.

The video of the incident was also shared on the micro-blogging site Twitter after which it went viral.

In the clip one can see the DIG give a bullet to the sub-inspector to load his gun, but the SI seems clueless and tries to insert it through the barrel of the gun. On seeing this, Bhardwaj looks amused while other cops standing at the back begin to smile.

On seeing the video one of the user wrote, “This is basic, bare minimum, table stakes as we call it. Those defending, remember the force is supposed to be alert, prepared & hv clarity ALL the time while on duty. There is absolutely no room for excuses like not knowing which gun, stress of surprise visit etc.”

While another wrote, “I think, police personal needs to give test every year for preparedness rather than ending up in this embarrassing situation. Usually, they don’t have to use the firearms unlike in other countries like US and UK.”

“Exactly what kind of training does the UP Police receive?  This is hilarious!” wrote a third.


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