After the Netflix crime documentary “The Serpent” was released, Charles Sobhraj’s name became well-known to the general public. The notorious French serial killer Sobhraj, who is suspected of committing a number of slayings in Asia in the 1970s, was recently freed from jail in Nepal and deported to France. The top court in Nepal decided that keeping him in prison would violate his human rights, therefore he was released under the excuse of his health.

As a result, Sobhraj took Qatar Airways flight QR647 from Doha to France. On social media, a picture of Sobhraj aboard the Qatar Airways aircraft was widely shared. The man was observed sporting an ivy hat and casual clothing. You might be shocked to learn that the female passenger sitting beside Sobhraj on the aircraft sparked greater attention among social media users.

The woman’s unusual reaction drew attention. In the photo, the woman can be seen giving Sobhraj the side eye. Many people believe they would behave the same way if a serial killer sat next to them.

“I would also be looking a little scared if I found out I was seated next to a serial killer on a long haul flight to Paris,” wrote one user. Another commented: “When you see Charles Sobhraj sitting next to you.”

According to a PTI report, Sobhraj wished to stay in Nepal and asked to be admitted to the Gangalal Hospital for ten days of therapy. However, a division bench comprising justices Sapana Pradhan Malla and Til Prasad Shrestha, who had requested the Nepal government to arrange for his repatriation to France, decided that he should be released because he had already served 95% of his sentence.


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